We welcome your thoughts and any pertinent information you may possess on the topics of electoral systems and electoral reform in the Yukon. Online submissions are open until 12:01AM on Monday August 12, 2024. 

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Please note, all materials gathered by, and information shared with, the Special Committee on Electoral Reform between 2021 and 2023, as well as any information shared with the Special Committee on the Yukon Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform in 2023, will be shared with the Assembly. 

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Susan Greetham

More choice in candidates not connected to a party in the outcome. More chance of either the candidate or the party of choice. Not winner take all partisan politics. More collaboration and much closer to a consensus leadership. ********** File Upload (if any) will...

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Ralph Fitzsimmons

I like the current voting system First Past the Post. I think it works ********** File Upload (if any) will appear below *********************  

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Proportional representation undermines democracy. It is a poison that paralyzes representative democratic governments as legislatures are reduced to amateur hour and a crowd of boutique lobbyist parties. European countries that have adopted PR have little to show for...

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Sue Greetham

Every ballot cast should count towards representation. Partisanship must be balanced with common sense. Opposition must translate into collaboration. ********** File Upload (if any) will appear below *********************  

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Randy Clarkson

I am against changes to the current electoral system except that the boundaries of ridings could be changed to more fairly represent the majority of Yukoners who live in or near Whitehorse. I am against your vision of proportional representation which I expect gets...

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Michael Vernon

May 15 letter from Yukon Party leader, Currie Dixon, responding to the YCAER invitation to participate alongside other political party leaders to provide opening remarks to the Citizens' Assembly. ********** File Upload (if any) will appear below...

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Anita Nickerson

**UPDATED** Fair Vote Canada submission to the Yukon Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform. Includes systems for consideration with models and simulations for the Yukon and process recommendations. Updated June 12, 2024. ********** File Upload (if any) will appear...

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Murray Arsenault

I want to provide my support for the existing system. My support stems from a couple of bullets I want to highlight. >To call the existing system "first past the post", is a poor descriptor, and a targeted mischaracterization by its opponents. I prefer to...

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Neil Salvin

Most important is that more voters turn out on election day. Any system won't be representative unless everyone votes. I vote for the person in my riding that will best represent my values in the LA. I do not vote based on parties or leaders. That is not how the...

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Dave Brekke

Please accept and consider this submission. Looking forward, Dave Brekke ********** File Upload (if any) will appear below *********************...

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